We deliver feasibility studies at different levels with the aim of orienting Client’s choices, including urban planning, transformation and requalification of areas and buildings, economic and sustainability evaluation of projects as well as energetic consultancies (energetic analysis and certification, etc.).
We believe that the rational use of the assets cannot abstract from a deep knowledge of their utilisation.
We believe too that the potential of development of a real estate often remains hidden if not analyzed with a “planning eye”, oriented to transformation and, being driven by the understanding of the technical context and the economical social and normative conditions, used to see beyond the appearance and to imagine appropriate solutions.


A Project is a complex process in which the correct definition of the design bases is the major issue.
Often the Client has his own vision of the future spaces and of the target he wants to achieve.
It is our duty to understand his vision and meet his requirements.
The definition of the real needs and their transposition in terms of Quantity and Quality of the spaces is the first and the most important step.
The target is to create efficient offices both from costs side and space utilization, but also and above all that guarantee the physical and psychological wellness of the people occupying them.

Around Studio, through its Consulting services, includes:
• Feasibility Studies
• Brief
• Building Appraisal, Comparative Building Appraisal

We deal with:
– Assisting Clients in finding premises which at the best meet his working needs.
– Defining with Clients the scope of the project and all project activities to achieve a new habitat and a new corporate image
– Analysing Client’s corporate structure, organisational demand, space standards and ways of working
– proposing a new and more efficient use of the working space, introducing “Smart” ways of working, Activity Based, supported by a high level of technology, to create new efficient, functional and dynamic offices
– Analysing premises from the architectural, M&E Services and regulatory points of view, while evaluating needs and feasibility of works
– Evaluating the cost estimate and defining the project implementation schedule

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