We supply integrated design services designing Offices capable of providing recognisable image and an innovative design which results in improved psychological and physical comfort of workers, as well as in higher internal efficiency and environmental quality, both from costs side and space utilization.

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We provide integrated design services in Retail field by constantly keeping under strict control all project and realization activities, we place ourselves in the position of being the unique Client reference during the entire development of the project. We design boutiques, show rooms, shop in shops, corners, fair stands. We offer Local Architect services.

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We approach the Architectural project in a multidisciplinary way and with an integrated and coordinated vision of the different professional skills involved, starting from the urban analysis of the area or the building up to the delivery of the completed work. We provide feasibility studies, Detailed Urban Planning, Integrated Detailed Design services.

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We manage all projects by designing appropriate tailor-made solutions, drawing our attention in proposing finishes, furniture, lighting fixtures, and all those features that make a design project unique, tailor-made and coordinated in all its parts. We design joinery furniture by studying all technical details with carpenters in charge of the production.

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We deliver feasibility studies at different levels including urban planning, transformation of areas and buildings, economic and sustainability evaluations. We are Consultants in the Office field supporting the Client in the Changing process, in finding premises, analysing them from the architectural, MEPS and regulatory sides, evaluating cost estimate and timings for the project impementation.

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The Health&Safety Co-ordination during project development and Health&Safety Co-ordination during construction. “Security Co-ordinator” is a specialist, required by Italian law Dlgs81/08, having the duty of evaluating best risks procedures and equipment on site (producing a report to be handed over to Contractors) and verifying the applications of these regulations onsite during construction phase.

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